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For 50 years, FDTC has been providing a high quality, affordable, close-to-home college education to thousands of students in Florence, Darlington, and Marion Counties.

In these turbulent economic times FDTC continues to provide training for displaced workers, occupational training for trade and technical jobs, and an affordable academic foundation for students who plan to transfer to four-year colleges.

FDTC’s two academic divisions provide students with options in numerous career fields. Thinking about a career in business? The Division of Technical and General Education has programs in accounting, management, and marketing. Interested in a career in allied health? FDTC’s Division of Health Sciences offers programs in nursing, radiologic technology, and respiratory care.

For students planning on a four-year degree, FDTC’s Associate in Arts and Associate in Sciences degrees provide a solid two-year start on a bachelor’s degree. Transfer students who haven’t decided on a career path yet can fulfill their general education requirements at FDTC before moving on to a four-year school to concentrate on a major. And students who’ve already decided on a career path can build a foundation of specific transfer courses in diverse fields such as engineering, computing, and criminal justice.

To find out more about how to prepare for your future at FDTC call 843-661-8289 or visit our Web site at www.fdtc.edu.


FDTC Credential Code in Index Gives you
Associate’s Degree A two-year program leading to an Associates Degree
Diploma  D one-year program leading to a Diploma
Certificate C short-term program leading to a Certificate
FDTC Program Award Career or Course Description Entry Salary Range – State of SC*
Accounting A, C Prepares individuals for careers in general accounting, financial accounting, cost accounting assistant, accounts payable clerk, payroll clerk, and purchasing agent A- $26,851 – $27,090                     C- $22,791 – $23,878
Administrative Office Technology A Provides training in administrative office procedures, customer service, keyboarding, machine transcription, and word processing $28,512 – $29,501
Administrative Support D Provides individuals with entry-level office procedures $21,106 – $24,015
Associate in Arts (for Transfer) A Designed for students that want to transfer to a four-year institution n/a
Associate in Science (for Transfer) A Designed for students that want to transfer to a four-year institution n/a
Auto Body Repair C Trains individuals in the use of equipment and materials used in the auto body repair industry $29,501
Automotive Technology A, C Repairs and maintains automobiles $25,329 – $34,411
Civil Engineering Technology (Civil Program) A Prepares individuals for careers in the environmental field, surveying, construction, design, and testing $26,247 – $34,157
Civil Engineering Technology (Graphics/AutoCAD Program) A, C Provides individuals with technical skills such as drafting and CAD operations $26,247 – $34,157
Computer Numerical Control  C Programs computer numeric controlled production equipment $31,164 – $42,057
Cosmetology C Develops skills in hair shaping, hairstyling, hair coloring, chemical services, manicuring, and skin care $15,916 – $20,975
Criminal Justice Technology A Develop skills in policing, corrections, courts, private security, and homeland security $18,322 – $31,203
Dental Assisting D Under direct supervision of a dentist, assists with oral surgery and other procedures in a dental office $22,442 – $27,832
Dental Hygiene A Under supervision of a dentist, cleans patient’s teeth. Able to clean below the gum line using the appropriate instruments $44,420 – $50,446
Diesel Technology A, C Repairs and maintains diesel engines $25,474 – $31,360
Early Childhood Development A, D, C Develops skills to nurture and teach preschool children in centers designed for childcare $20,000 – $25,000
Electronic Engineering Technology (Concentration in Electronics or Networking) A Provides individuals with electronic or networking engineering technical skills such as building, testing, trouble-shooting, repairing, and modifying electronic equipment or networking systems $29,694 – $38,886
General Studies C Designed for students currently attending high school. Provides an opportunity for high school students to earn college credit while simulatenously earning high school credit n/a
Geographic Information Systems C Prepares individuals to retrieve spatial and database information from digital mapping systems. Prepare reports. Produce maps, graphics, and charts using plotters, and printers $24,687 – $27,636
Health Care Risk Management C Provides specialized education and training for members in the Health Care profession who wish to focus on quality improvement, healthcare risks and patient safety $28,160 – $33,394
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology A, C Maintains and performs service repairs on heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment $29,638 – $32,145
Human Services A Develops skills to help in direct and indirect client care; assess needs and leads group activities $20,000 – $25,000
Industrial Maintenance C Provides fundamental mechanical skills associated with entry level maintenance positions $21,956 – $28,668
International Business C Provides individuals with a knowledge and global outlook of business and culture in foreign countries $26,524 – $29,188
Machine Operator C Entry-level position as a machine tool operator $21,795 – $28,469
Machine Tool  A, D Uses manufacturing processes and methods for manual and computer controlled machine tools $32,887 – $38,392
Management A Develop skills in planning, staffing, organizing, leading, and monitoring the operations of a small business $23,278 – $34,612
Marketing A Develops skills in entry-level positions in marketing, advertising, sales, and retailing $27,033 – $30,415
Mechanical Engineering Technology A To provide students with training and technical skills associated with mechanical concepts which will prepare them for employment as industrial technicians supporting manufacturing operations. $29,694 – $38,886
Medical Assisting C Multi-skilled allied health professionals who work under the supervision of physicians in their office $24,163 – $27,857
Medical Coding C Utilize patient health information to assign numerical codes for billing and reimbursement. Abstract information from patient records to be used in research or for internal and external statistics $29,590 – $34,278
Medical Laboratory Technician A Performs routine blood tests and prepares specimens for microscope examinations upon a physician’s request $33,599 – $43,786
Network Systems Management A Prepares individuals for careers as entry-level network administrators, network managers, network designers, network specialists, network technicians, network installers or network support specialists $31,025 – $35,690
Nursing A Evaluates, plans, implements, and documents nursing care for an assigned patient population.  Assists physician during examinations and procedures $45,376 – $48,707
Occupational Therapy Assistant (Transfer Program) A Assists patients with rehabilitative activities in various facilities. Requires transferring to another technical college to complete degree $38,441 – $44,452
Office Support Specialist C Provides individuals with entry-level office procedures $21,494  -  $24,007
Paralegal Technology A Assists lawyers in closings, hearings, trials, and corporate meetings $32,049  -  $37,022
Phlebotomy Technology C Collects blood samples from patients and prepares specimens for laboratory $21,034  -  $27,266
Physical Therapist Assistant A Works under the supervision of a physical therapist, the physical therapist assistant works to prevent pain and disability, relieve pain, promote healing, and improve function $32,529 -  $36,674
Practical Nursing D Responsible for taking vitals and monitoring in-and-out volumes, preparing or performing several procedures such as dressing wounds, bathing and dressing patients $31,082 – $34,355
Pre-Funeral Services
(Transfer Program)
n/a Develops skills to arrange and direct funeral services. Requires transferring to another college to complete degree $25,694 – $31,394
Process Control C Provides training in process controls $24,977 – $25,941
Radiologic Technology A Arranges patients for radiological examinations, produces radiographs (x-rays) to aid in the diagnosis of medical problems $36,950 – $40,399
Respiratory Care A Assists in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with respiratory disorders $34,688 – $39,113
Retail Merchandising C Develop skills in retail and wholesale organizations in buying, fashion, and styling coordination, advertising, publicity, sales and marketing supervision $21,832 – $24,378
Robotics Assembly Technician C Provides instruction for individuals entering a production position in the robotics manufacturing industry $20,861 – $28,920
Surgical Technology D Assists surgical team during operations $29,638 – $32,501
Welding D, C Develops skills to produce structurally sound and quality welds $25,356 – $34,609
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